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Barring up


Like most things in life a bit of protection is always a good thing.

The troopy came fitted with a bullbar and side bars when we bought it. We planned on fitting a winch to the front just in case. Even if you never plan on using it, its always a good thing to have if your going to be 4wding on your own. Problem with this was that the Continue reading
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Boring update – new blog created! The other one sucked.

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Getting our swerve on

One of the things we first noticed when driving the troopy what’s how rough the suspension is. Especially compared to the patrol which had good aftermarket shocks and springs. One thing that contributed to this is the fact that the troopy is leaf sprung all round. For me this was a massive step backward as I have never owned a vehicle with leaf sprung suspension. The thing is basically set up like a truck, leaf springs are better for carrying heavy loads with so the rough ride really is the nature of the beast.
Regardless of that it is Continue reading

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Traction Control

From travelling through the rugged 4000m+ mountains of the Pamir ranges in Central Asia during spring while the snow melts. To equatorial Eastern Africa during the wet season. You can pretty much guarantee the possibility of getting bogged at some stage. Hell I manage to get bogged nearly every time we go offroad even on just a weekend bush bash. But that’s all part of the fun, plus I’ve got the Continue reading
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Maiden Voyage

Until now I haven’t been able to drive the car and I’ve had it since April!!! We just picked it up this morning from Problem management engineering in Hornsby Heights. They are at the forefront of Mobility engineering, Bill Georgas the owner who is

also in a Wheel chair has always been very helpful and accommodating to my particular and sometimes unique requests. We had the hand controls fitted up Which were custom-made to my requirements. I went for the a radial design, unlike the conventional push pull type design, the brakes and accelerator can be applied at the same time. This is crucial while Four wheel driving for better control of the vehicle. They’ve now released a new type of remote switch system, the old-fashioned one fit into my other cars is four different buttons for indicators, Horn and high beams. The new style is fitted with a miniature joystick that can control the indicators, wiper speed, washer jets and the high beams all with your thumb.

Was good to finally drive her though after all this time, still have a long way to go yet before she’s all ship shape though!

Because of the way Continue reading

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