All in all we are looking at visiting about 37 countries spanning Europe, Central Asia and Africa. The majority of these countries will require some sort of a visa or permit to travel through them. As well as actually getting the visas, we need to make sure that we can bring certain ‘senitive’ items such as Jeromes’ vast list of prescribed medications in with us. Also, Jerome is Australian and I am British so we may be asked to jump through different hoops in some places. So here we go. The visa to do list.
  • Compile a list of all countries we plan to visit
  • List which countries require visas or permits to enter (for both nationalities)
  • Go through each of these countries and list which ones are visa on arrival and which are visa in advance
  • Figure out what documents are required for visa upon arrival countries
  • For each visa before arrival country, list what is required in order to obtain a visa, how long the visa is valid for, how much it will cost, how long it takes to grant, where we can apply from and when the visa is valid from
  • List all countries that we can get visas granted for from Australia before we leave
  • List all of the above countries that have an embassy in Australia that we can visit
  • Plan a visit to these embassies
  • Send a letter/email to every embassy of each country that has any border crossings that we will go through; detailing exactly what drugs we will have. We will try to get written permission or advice from each embassy prior to arrival to present at the borders.
  • Research into potential visa problems and their alternatives or solutions. For example, if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport you may not be granted entry into Jordan.
  • Make heaps of certified copies of all travel documents to include passports, letters, applications, vehicle documents, health insurance papers, prescriptions, doctors notes etc.
  • Compile a list of all embassy contact details in case of emegency
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2 thoughts on “Visas

  1. Mike Rodgers

    Looking forward to following your adventures, stay safe have fun.

    Mike and Lyn

    • Thanks Mike and Lyn – remember to subscribe and I promise we shall have some more interesting posts to pop up once the trip has started!

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