Engine Dramas

So when we bought this thing I noticed that oil had been slowly weeping from the cylinder head. Further to that there was a minor oil leak from the back of the engine, potentially the rear main oil seal. The vehicle has to be tip top for this trip and nothing left to chance. So worst case scenario the cylinder head would have to come off and potentially gear box or motor out to change the rear main seal (big oil seal at the back of the motor). Big job!
standing wheel chair
I thought to myself, this 4×4 has
330 000km on the clock virtually half of which the aftermarket turbo system has been fitted. How can I be sure that the bottom end has not been compromised? Not just by the high km, but also by feeding compressed hot air into it with an aftermarket turbo system not fitted with an inter-cooler.
I decided to bite the bullet and opt for a full rebuild. That way we can have piece of mind knowing that the heart of our beast is pumping hard and strong.
After chatting with Gabby at APA diesels in Yenoora we were quoted for the full rebuild of the motor, including new AE strengthened pistons to cope with the extra stress of the turbo charger. I also decided that the diesel pump should be rebuilt, bench tuned and re-calibrated for the extra fuel requirements due to the turbo. Naturally the injectors needed overhauling, we also had them fitted with stronger springs for a higher cracking pressure suitable for turbo charged applications.
The boys at APA did all the hard work pulling the motor out and refitting it. We originally planed on bringing them the motor and saving some money by doing some of the work ourselves. In the end we didn’t have the time and the means of getting the motor down to them either. Plus for the $900 to Remove and refit the motor, this included all new oils, seals, hoses filters and belts plus testing. So really it was a no brainier.
It turned out to be a good move because after pressure testing the head they found hairline cracks all through it. The diesel pump was not calibrated correctly after the turbo had been fitted so it was pumping in 50% too much fuel, the extra heat and stress was causing the internals to fail. I had to source a good second hand cylinder head from a wreckers and give that back to the boys at APA for reconditioning.
After 2 weeks we got her back, unfortunately I haven’t yet been able to drive the Troopy because the hand controls haven’t been fitted yet. That’s coming up so I’ll let you know how it all goes with the new motor.
I removed the sump to determine where the oil leak at the back of the motor was coming from and confirmed it was the rear main oil seal. This is the one with the two small studs, $10 part but the motor or gear box needs to come out to get to it.
Pics of another 1HZ motor getting rebuilt by APA while we were there to pick up the troopy.
 The boys at APA doing the finishing touches.
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