Maiden Voyage

Until now I haven’t been able to drive the car and I’ve had it since April!!! We just picked it up this morning from Problem management engineering in Hornsby Heights. They are at the forefront of Mobility engineering, Bill Georgas the owner who is

also in a Wheel chair has always been very helpful and accommodating to my particular and sometimes unique requests. We had the hand controls fitted up Which were custom-made to my requirements. I went for the a radial design, unlike the conventional push pull type design, the brakes and accelerator can be applied at the same time. This is crucial while Four wheel driving for better control of the vehicle. They’ve now released a new type of remote switch system, the old-fashioned one fit into my other cars is four different buttons for indicators, Horn and high beams. The new style is fitted with a miniature joystick that can control the indicators, wiper speed, washer jets and the high beams all with your thumb.

Was good to finally drive her though after all this time, still have a long way to go yet before she’s all ship shape though!

Because of the way that we plan on fitting out the back with the bedding and draws it will be impossible for me to get in from the rear due to the height. To get around this we thought that if we were able to allow one of the seats to swivel it would make it much easier for me to get in. I sourced a slim line turntable which is only 50mm thick from stratos seating which is the company that make the aftermarket seats that came fitted to the Troopy. This was a good addition from the previous owner as the original seats are rubbish. Because the fitment needs to be ADR approved and engineered we had Bill from PME build the mounts between the turntable and seat rails. As with the hand controls this all needs to be signed off by an engineer. It all fitted up perfectly with slight tweaking to the angle of the handbrake just to get the right clearance.

One other thing that we had the boys at PME build for us was the intermediate transfer seat. The Troopy is very high to transfer into directly from the wheelchair. Even before we fit the 2″ lift it still felt higher to get into than my old patrol which was lifted about 3″.

Its pretty simple really, there is a socket that you slide the seat into before you perform your transfer. Once its in place its just a matter of chucking your legs in then the first lift onto the intimidate chair is the highest lift followed by a slight shuffle across to the car seat. Still a little tricky but much easier than doing it all in one lift. I was pretty worried about the height of the vehicle and constant lifting in and out for 9-12 months. That I would destroy my shoulders and I also have a problem with tennis elbow which flares up after big lifts, so this has put my worries to rest some what.

My dog Mungo feeling left behind already
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