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Doing it for a cause

Today we just received endorsement from Spinal Cord Injuries Australia to raise funds on their behalf.

There is still a little red tape to go through before we can make it official and put up a link for people to start donating. It will be up shortly.

We are very stoked to now be doing this trip for a cause, it ads much more meaning if, as an outcome, we can help people with spinal cord injuries in Australia that are struggling.

I had to put up a post to celebrate!


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D.I.Y fly screens


We will be traveling the length of Africa as part of our trip so we will need to protect ourselves from insects whilst we sleep (namely mosquitoes for me – as I am quite allergic to them). This afternoon I made a bunch of D.I.Y window fly-screens. All in all the whole set up cost us $90.00 (55 quid) to make seven screens. If you had these made for you it would cost about that much per screen. And in true Blue Peter Style (for all you English folk) – here’s what I made earlier!

First, I gathered the materials: Magnetic tape (sticky on one side, magnetic on the other), flexible silicone adhesive, fiberglass fly screen material, electrical tape, measuring tape & ruler, scissors, stanely knife and of course a few BEERS!

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Pimp My Ride


Brekkie time

So finally we have started work on the interior of the Troopy. Unfortunately neither Jerome nor I will have the time to make the drawers, shelves, consoles and bed that we have sketched out. Instead we drove 250 km North of Sydney to Gloucester to employ the excellent services of Drifta, a specialist Continue reading

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Drug Runner

Due to all the complications arising from my accident and the subsequent spinal cord injury I need to take a various array of medications. Works out to be about 20 tablets a day if all is going well. So over the course of a year that we plan on travelling this is well over 7000 tablets! As you can imagine carrying all this with us at once is not only impractical because of the shear space it will take up. But more so the dramas it will cause going through isolated border crossing where its likely that the officials will be uneducated and do not speak English.


This is 1 weeks supply for me. Imagine this times 52!

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