Drug Runner

Due to all the complications arising from my accident and the subsequent spinal cord injury I need to take a various array of medications. Works out to be about 20 tablets a day if all is going well. So over the course of a year that we plan on travelling this is well over 7000 tablets! As you can imagine carrying all this with us at once is not only impractical because of the shear space it will take up. But more so the dramas it will cause going through isolated border crossing where its likely that the officials will be uneducated and do not speak English.


This is 1 weeks supply for me. Imagine this times 52!

For this reason we thought it would be easier to resupply along the way at 3 month intervals. This would roughly work out to be Turkey, Israel, Kenya the South Africa. Trouble is sending prescription medications is a nightmare with all the customs and other red tape. Especially when it comes to sedatives and opiates (Valium and Tramadol). Some countries like Uzbekistan, crossing the border with any opiate based medication will instantly land you in jail. Also each of the countries listed above have different regulations regarding importing medications.

To get an idea of what I would be up against I have been on and the phone non stop also including countless emails to Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions, Medicare, The department of Foreign Affairs, courier companies. I’ve been off TAFE for two weeks now and after non stop going around in circles with all these different agencies still haven’t really achieved much. 

So far DHL (courier company) has been the most helpful, they have advised me of all the different regulations for each of these countries regarding the import of medications.  Things like Kenya needs a CRF, Clean Report of Findings and South Africa an MBR 20 for class 2-4 drugs. Problem is not even the embassies in Australia or Kenya/South Africa can tell me what the hell any of this means. They just inform me that I need to speak to their embassy in Australia who originally told me to speak with the Australian embassy in Kenya/South Africa. Its a nightmare!!!

DHL are happy to post the and hold the meds until I arrive but they can’t guarantee that they will pass customs.

Ah the joys, its challenging enough to try and plan this trip but chuck in the extra complications like this and it makes your head spin!!!

I’ll just keep chipping away with it and see what can be done.

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One thought on “Drug Runner

  1. Tony Upton

    Hi Jerome & Jessica,

    Nice to meet you today.
    Reading your blog has put more of a perspective on your very interesting lives and your zest for adventure – always the next one!
    Needless to say, look after yourselves, I’ve got my fingers crossed for you.
    ‘gards .. ..
    Tony Upton

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