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Brekkie time

So finally we have started work on the interior of the Troopy. Unfortunately neither Jerome nor I will have the time to make the drawers, shelves, consoles and bed that we have sketched out. Instead we drove 250 km North of Sydney to Gloucester to employ the excellent services of Drifta, a specialist 4WD/Camping fit out company. We left the vehicle in the very capable hands of Mark who took on board all of our ideas and over the course of 10 days brought our fit out dreams to reality.

photo 1

Need to clean up the rear doors for storage inside the cavities. Have a fold up worktop off the larger one too.


Nice finishing touch to the drawers

So to start, Drifta fitted one of their standard double slide-out drawer systems with side wing storage. Both drawers run about 1.5m down the centre of the vehicle, leaving storage space behind them and on either side. The side panels that run over the top of the wheel arches are removable for easy access to whatever we shove in there, most likely tools and spares for vehicle maintenance.


Space for a water tank


Swivel seat action for easy access to the ‘living quarters’


Perhaps invest in a few pillow and a wider mattress….

Behind the driver’s seat before the drawers start there is a storage box with a removable panel on top. Behind the passenger’s seat is the same amount of space but instead of boxing it in Mark has simply put a removable panel over the top, so we can easily access the water bladder/tank that we intend to pop there.


Excellent place to lose things!

photo 3

Need to sort out some fly screens for the windows

There is a centre console in the front of the Troopy on the ceiling between the seats for shoving everyday items into.


Side shelf. May move it further to the front to allow the fridge to sit length ways between it and the door

Going into the rear again, we have an open cupboard about 1.2m long sat on top of the twin drawer system against the driver’s side wall – a great space to shove clothes and bags. There is a cutout panel on the base of the cupboard for accessing the wheel arch storage space below.


Making the most of the overhead storage. Can still sit upright in the middle


Overhead there is a lipped shelf running from the ceiling around the left, right and rear of the Troopy. When you open the rear doors you can see the ceiling shelf and that runs 1m back.

Now back to the twin drawer system. If you open the rear doors, the left hand drawer is 1.5m long, about 40cm deep and has a bunch of removable dividers to split the drawer up. Just above the drawer is a pull out table. The table can be used in situ or completely removed. It has foldaway legs with each of the four leg heights independently adjustable.


Good for storing longer life foods


Heaps of space


It may look gimmicky but a simple water pump makes things so much easier

On the right hand side the first drawer that slides out is a removable ‘tucker box’. It’s about 50cm long with a hinged lid for storing kitchen sundries. Behind the tucker box is where it gets good. There is a 1m long removable kitchen. You can pull it out completely and again it has the four adjustable fold-out legs. The board on top is hinged and folds out to make a kitchen sideboard (with a clip on adjustable leg). There is a drawer that holds a cutlery tray and sink, plus whatever else we pop in there. The sideboard has a hole in it to mount the hand-pump tap to, so we will just whack a 15L jerry can underneath that.


Move over a bit!


First ever Troopy action shot!!!

The flat open space on top of the twin drawer system is where we will have our bed. When you get in there from either the front seats or rear doors you can sit upright without hitting your head on the ceiling – perfect! The bed area will be about 1.2-1.3m wide which should be enough for both of us to sleep next to each-other for a year…..

All in all there is tons of space, storage and worktops. Everything is finished nicely; it’s lightweight and looks pretty durable. Mark listened to every idea and the results are exactly what we had hoped for. We tested it all out by spending the weekend camping in the Barrington Tops and yes, it’s a brilliant set up. The abundance of work surfaces are invaluable and it’s all so quick to set up. Nice one!


Don’t expect me to wash up every day…


Egg action shot

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