Bedding in

IMG_2774Whilst Jerome is working on the Troopy electrics I have been sorting out the bed. Considering that Jerome has severe back difficulties and that I have scoliosis we thought that it would be best to go for quality over price when choosing what we will be sleeping on for the best part of a year.


Firstly I bought an orthopedic, high density memory-foam mattress. Some of the panels that the foam mattress will be sitting on in the Troopy are removable for storage purposes. I therefore divided the foam into corresponding sections so that we can easily move them around to access each storage compartment. We can also use some of the sections as cushions if we want to make the bed into a sitting area.


I then bought a heap of high quality, thick dark blue cotton material to sew into fitted covers for the foam. The covers are removable and washable, and will be covered with fitted cotton sheets for sleeping.


A mate lent me her Singer sewing machine and after some quick YouTube lessons in sewing zips, cushions (and how to actually thread a sewing machine!) I got cracking.


I sewed an additional white, waterproof wipe-clean panel onto the top surface of the largest piece of foam for added protection. I chose this large panel to sew first and it took me 7 bloody hours!!


The three remaining pieces of foam took less time to make as I honed in my rudimentary skills.


The results are good – hopefully the stitching will last a year. I bought way too much material so the next project will be making curtains from the leftovers 😉

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One thought on “Bedding in

  1. Well done you!

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