The awning and roof cage


So last year Jerome and I drove 15,000km around Australia and camped in our awesome RV4 Oztent – my favorite tent ever! Anyway we just bought the Foxwing Awning to mount to the side of the Troopy. The Foxwing is a collaboration between Oztent Australia and Rhino Rack and is compatible with our RV4 – so we can zip our tent onto the awning. We have also fitted a full length alloy roof

cage (The RV4 sits perfectly in it). The vehilce will now be a very tight fit in the 20ft shipping container…..


Back to the Foxwing. Zip on a few a few extra Foxwing panels and voila – we have a very decent sheltered space to camp in as an alternative to sleeping in the Troopy. I tested everything out on the driveway so the pictures don’t do it justice. In a camping situation the side panels will be taught and more angled. You can also use them as extensions to the awning (with poles) for a huge shelter with no sides.


The Foxwing folds in on itself really well – you wouldn’t know that it’s so big when it’s all zipped up


The additional panels that we bought easily fit into their bags (I reckon we can store the poles elsewhere and fit two panels into one bag)


Next we need to go for a test camp and get the RV4 zipped onto the Foxwing for the full effect. Amazing how much space you can create with a bit of canvass bolted to the side of your car! 😉


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