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Turbo Management

The troopy was already fitted with a DTS aftermarket turbo system when we bought it. To begin with we were not sure if we wanted the added complication of an aftermarket turbocharger. However after driving the troopy even with the turbo fitted I can’t see how you’d get around with out it. Slow would be an understatement. The 1HZ motor was never meant to be a powerhouse but with the auto gearbox and constant all wheel drive combined with all the weight we were going to be carrying it would seem to be seriously underpowered.

HPD Top Mount Intercooler

HPD Top Mount Intercooler

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Rear door storage solution

photo 2 So I removed the old wood paneling from the two rear doors of the Troopy and found that there was heaps of space in the door cavities for storage. The right hand door will be perfect to keep all of our cutlery, plates and bowls in, and the left hand smaller door could be good for Continue reading

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DSC_0015It’s been a while since we’ve managed to get anything up on the blog.  Things have been flat out for the last few weeks so we haven’t really had much time for any trip related activities.
There have been a few big developments over the last few weeks that we thought may be worth mentioning.
Jess just got her permanent residence in Australia! This is hugely important to us for a number of Continue reading

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