DSC_0015It’s been a while since we’ve managed to get anything up on the blog.  Things have been flat out for the last few weeks so we haven’t really had much time for any trip related activities.
There have been a few big developments over the last few weeks that we thought may be worth mentioning.
Jess just got her permanent residence in Australia! This is hugely important to us for a number of reasons. Despite the fact that Jess can now call Australia home without having to worry about all the restrictive conditions that come with a working visa. Our future together is now certain. we have so many brilliant plans for the future including the trip. It’s unlikely but if for any reason it was not granted Jess would have to leave and head back to the UK which would obviously be devastating for us both. When Jess submitted her application for permanent residence back in July this year she was told it would take 13-15 months to process despite the fact that the department of immigration website says only 6 months. This could have been a major issue for us because if we were to leave the country Jess may be refused re entry, also if the PR is granted while she is out of the country it means that she would have return to oz just to receive it. That could have been anywhere up to October next year, who knows where we would have been then.photo
She managed to have the application processed in 16 weeks and her PR granted. We thought it may be worth applying for priority processing under compassionate grounds. We explained the plans for our trip and that we are doing it as a charity. Also that we had already booked flights and some of the borders we plan on crossing are only open during  certain times of the year. This along with a link to the blog and the certificate of endorsement to raise funds for SCIA, not to mentions Jess’s meticulous efforts to make a complete, comprehensive and persuasive application. She was granted her PR within 5 days of requesting the priority processing. We were both extremely stoked and spent the night out on the town celebrating.
I’ve also been flat out with my studies over the last few weeks. I’ve been studying a diploma of mechanical engineering after being made redundant from Subaru Australia. The end of year exams were all last week so I haven’t really had any time to work on the troopy. Its a huge weight off my shoulders. Now that I’ve finished my studies and obtained the diploma I’ve got loads of time on my hands to work on the troopy and getting things organised for the trip. Expect more posts soon.

My younger brother also got married the same week I finished my exams which was a great way to let my hair down after a stressful week of exams. It didn’t give me much time to write a speech, being the best man, but he’s my younger brother so it wasn’t hard to come up with lots of stories and stuff to embarrass him with. It all went really well in the end and definitely a day to remember.

I’ve adapted a Russian military motorcycle with sidecar so that I can ride it with my hands only, there’s also plenty of room in the side car to fit my wheelchair, dog and camping gear. Because my bro also finished his studies for the year, he also owns a bike so we wanted to hit the road and do some exploring and camping – with my dog Mungo of course who won’t let me leave with out her. It worked out well as my bike ran out of rego last Friday so we got 4 days of solid riding in before it ran out. I’m not going to re-register it because its to expensive (nearly the same price to register your car here in oz) and I won’t have time to ride it. We like to ride the roads less traveled and get off the tar where ever we get the chance. Which doesn’t always work out as this sense of adventure gets us into trouble some times.  I ended up flooding my bike in a deep river crossing. It took us 3 hours to get out and get the thing started again. Then we had to get out of this very steep and rugged valley which is always interesting with a loaded sidecar, worn tire and a stuffed starter motor. We covered just over  1000 km in 4 days which doesn’t seem like a lot, but riding on rough and windy dirt roads and in torrential rain then having to pack/unpack the bikes, set up camp and cook a feed it certainly feels like a long day.
Anyway ill be spending the week working on the troopy so should have a bunch more posts up soon.



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