Rear door storage solution

photo 2 So I removed the old wood paneling from the two rear doors of the Troopy and found that there was heaps of space in the door cavities for storage. The right hand door will be perfect to keep all of our cutlery, plates and bowls in, and the left hand smaller door could be good for popping washing up things in there (detergents etc).

So basically I cleaned off all the silicone sealant and years of dust to reveal a decent set of door cavities. (Note – at some point I will cut out some of the metal panel to reveal more of the cavity – making it easier to store stuff in there).

photo 2 (2)

Next I cut some MDF to the shape of the old panel covers. I covered one side of each piece of wood in black carpet to match the Troopy drawers, and the other sides in a vinyl waterproof material. The vinyl will form the work surface. I then added a hinge to the wood and mounted it.

image (5)

I also mounted a catch to the doors so that the wood can be pulled down and used as a work surface, as well as the panelling for storage. Lastly I added some strong nylon rope to the surfaces connecting back onto the doors so that when the panels are pulled down they sit at a perfect 90 degree angle.


Whatever I do put n the doors will have to be insulated to avoid rattling noises whilst driving. Job done 😉

image (7)


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3 thoughts on “Rear door storage solution

  1. Anonymous

    Yeah that’s it – we took the beast off road for 10 days and yup heaps of dust. We are going to seal off the tailgate and fill the holes at the bottom of the doors to start off with.

  2. Rob

    Great use of space. Now to solve the dust problem getting into the new storage space once you get off-road. Best of luck with it.

  3. Fantastic use of otherwise waste space

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