Nepal – Mt Everest & the wedding

1961522_10203238945679724_1359189600_nSo this is our last post featuring Nepal and I have made it short as we are a bit too busy at the moment to go into too much detail – so this is all about the pictures.

They day before the marriage we took an early morning mountain flight over the Himalayas taking off from Kathmandu. The plane was only a 20 seater but the weather was really crisp and clear. The flight was 1 hour and the pilot let all of the passengers pay a few visits to the cockpit for a quick glance out from their perspective. If you visit Nepal and you don’t manage to do a trek at all – go on this flight. It cost less than US $200 per person and that included a taxi picking you up and taking you to and from the airport.


The endless snow capped peaks of the Himalayas


From the back this totally could be Jerome flying!!!


The view from the cockpit. Very ethereal


Mount Everest at the back there, surprisingly to me not much taller than some of the other peaks.

Jeromes’ brother Sebastian married the beautiful Nepalese Sandhya in a semi-traditional Buddhist ceremony.

There had to be a last minute change of dates and the reception was held at the Raddison Hotel in Kathmandu the day before the wedding in Sandhyas’ hometown of Kirtipur. The reception was a good excuse for everybody to get fully dressed up and celebrate. The women (including myself) wore tailored Saris in vibrant colours whilst the men dressed in smart suits. I was horrified to see my tailored top was only going to cover my boobs and that I was going to bare a lot of skin. In the end I really enjoyed wearing the outfit but I wouldn’t say it’s the easiest thing to pay a visit to the loos in! The hotel was very very posh and it felt like you had stepped out of Nepal and back into Australia, or the UK.

photo 1

Showing a bit more flesh than I feel comfortable doing!


Both families posing together

The wedding was just as vibrant and every single one of the 200+ guests had to personally greet the bride and groom – adorning them with rice tikkas and scarves. This took over 5 hours and I think Sandhya and Sebastian were pretty exhausted at the end of it!

photo 2 photo 3


Sebastian and Sandhya being greeted by their guests



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One thought on “Nepal – Mt Everest & the wedding

  1. Sandhya

    Where there is a will, there is a way. You guys have proved it true. You guys are such an inspiration. Can’t wait to read more about your next

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