Final days in Oz

So the time has come after over a year of planning and hard work building the car we are finally off.


Catho beach where my mum lives

Its mixed emotions, both of us are not big on goodbyes particularly for me as my mum is selling her joint at Catherine Hill Bay or ‘Gods country” as we call it. Its a quaint heritage listed town of around 100 houses which are all also heritage listed. Catho, as we like to call it is located about an hour North of Sydney right on a pristine beach which is on a peninsular with Lake Macquarie 5 minutes drive away. Sadly, like all things there is no stopping progress, 500 houses have been approved for development with more to come. It will never be the same so time to go before things get out of control. Many fond memories of Surfing, fishing, riding dirt bikes and four wheel driving in the bush surrounding the town. Not to mention all the good times out on the boat on Lake Macquarie and just hanging out with beers and BBQ’s.


Will definitely miss the power and comfort of my turbocharged Subaru

We had a few people up to reminisce on all the good times had there, lots of good food, grog and a bit of the good old home grow, My brother lives there too and we are very close so another hard goodbye.


My mum and brother in the backyard of her house soon to be sold


reminiscing over a few drinks in front of the fire with my bro and sister in law

After that it was time to say good bye to all at home, the hardest for both of us was leaving Mungo our beloved and precious staffie behind. We will miss her dearly but not as much as she will miss us, poor thing suffers separation anxiety badly but shes in good hands.


Our precious Mungo allowed up on the bed for last time snuggles. Poor thing doesn’t know whats coming

Our house in Mt Colah, Sydney

However after a month with out the troopy we were getting majorly itchy feet. Although we had a lot of paper work to sort out, mainly for getting all my meds through the various borders, we just wanted to get our move on .There was some major stuffing around to get all the paper work right. For my meds and some of the borders we required a letter from the doctor listing all the meds and their requirements, the letter then had to be translated into Russian by an accredited translator, singed and stamped by a public notary (accredited lawyer) then presented to the Australian Consulate for either an Authentication or Apostle. All of which cost money and takes time. But getting it right now will save us much more time at foreign borders.

Authenticated medical documents with Russian copies. Laminated copies of our frequently used documents

Authenticated medical documents with Russian copies. Laminated copies of our frequently used documents

On top of that we needed to arrange a resupply for my medications and continence gear which we estimated we will be in Israel for half way through our journey. After going around in circles with the Israeli embassy In Oz, the Australian Embassy in Israel and the Department of Foreign Affairs I contacted a mate who actually knows the Israeli Ambassador to Australia. He was able to pull some strings for me and we should hopefully now have the “License to Import Medications” into Israel. So fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

Box of meds and continence gear ready to be posted to Israel in 6 months time

Box of meds and continence gear ready to be posted to Israel in 6 months time

We decided to split the flight up with a stop over in Malaysia to see my Grandfather, still going strong at 96, he doesn’t stop even behind the wheel he just keeps going. Good genes.


Quick stop off to see my Grandfather in Malaysia, still driving and going strong at 96


Anyway we will finally be in London and back in Jess’s stomping ground, keen to get going but still a waiting game as the troopy isn’t due to arrive until the 10th of May and will still have to pass customs. We have a lot of catching up to do, particularly Jess with her father living here that she hasn’t seen in 2 years. Jess is also really keen to show me the England I don’t know.


And we’re off!

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5 thoughts on “Final days in Oz

  1. Rob S

    Truly inspirational, safe travels (watching from Wollongong, as a fellow Pom without residency)!

  2. Anonymous

    Enjoy England and safe travelling.

  3. Rowena

    Wishing you safe travels..following you from Hornsby.

  4. karie

    inspired and following your journey from san francisco!

  5. Lindsay

    Good luck! Goodbyes are hard, but well worth it for the trip your embarking on!

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