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Hungary marked a bit of a milestone for me, I had driven through Hungary about 4 years ago. Meaning that this was no longer a new road travelled, nor was the rest of our route back to the UK. It was kind of sad for me but Jess was still on new grounds so I was excited for her to see what was on offer.
It is also our entry point into Central Europe leaving behind the Balkan countries. We headed straight for Budapest which was not too far from the Romanian border. We crossed the border in the evening, this also marked the end of border checkpoints and passport checks. This was obviously easier but kind of leaves that sense of adventure behind when you practically drive over a border with out knowing it.

Budapest by night

Budapest by night

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Sneak preview of the fantastic weather

Sneak preview of the fantastic weather

As we drove into Romania we had a complete change of plans. Our original plan was to drive from South West to North West but Jerome had just read about some crazy salt mine that was open to the public in a different direction. We would also then be able to travel through Transylvania. Our time was limited so we decided to wing it. Continue reading

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