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Liechtenstein and Switzerland

From Austria we diverted our route to Switzerland so we could pass through Liechtenstein. Which I struggle to pronounce at times. It’s only a very small country of 160km* but the richest in the world so far as the GDP goes. People have bigger backyards than this in Australia. It’s also one of the two double land locked countries in the world. Uzbekistan being the other.
The whole country is virtually situated in one valley which has the Rhine river, a motorway and train line running through the centre.
There is all sorts of controversy with the banks here too, as with Switzerland many multinational companies channel their money through the banks to avoid tax amongst other things.
Because Liechtenstein is not a member of the EU there is a border checkpoint from Austria. We were hassled about out windscreen which had been broken since Uzbekistan but we gave them the usual spiel that it had just broke and we had one on order in whatever city we were closest to at the time.
Once we were allowed in we decided to take the more scenic route to hotel we had already booked for that night in Switzerland.
First thing we noticed about Liechtenstein was how perfect everything is.

Liechtenstein castle

Liechtenstein castle

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Crossing into Austria was uneventful, with a line on the road and a few small signs to indicate that you have actually crossed the border and now in another country.
We headed straight for Vienna as we had a few things planned there. There is a lot of fascinating history to Vienna so we decided on doing a walking tour to get the full story’s about the different attractions. There are so many beautiful buildings in town each with it’s own story. The architecture is very impressive, every building is adorned with statues on every corner or cornice. There is a real sense of pride to Vienna, everything is well kept, people are well dressed, very polite and nearly everyone speaks English. We also noticed Vienna was more multicultural than a lot of the other cities we had been through.

St Stephen's Cathedral Vienna

St Stephen’s Cathedral Vienna

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