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Video of the Pamir Highway.

It has been a long time since posting, it feels like almost a life time ago. We got a bit slack and never really gave the blog the finish it deserved. Left you all lingering in Switzerland.

It was a bit of a non eventful finish, with a few brief stop offs in the rest of the countries we traveled through on the way back to the UK arriving in time for Christmas and New Years with friends and family.

We traveled home to Oz after New Years with a quick stop in Malaysia to see some of my family.

Like is back to normal now, and we are locked into the every day rat race with a mortgage, full time jobs and two dogs to care for.

We even sold the troopy!!! but bought another more offroad capable 80 series Cruiser, so get out bush and have a bit of fun when we can.

After hooking up with Nic that we met in Kazakhstan back here in OZ I thought it was time I out together some of our footage and made a video of probably one of the highlights, the Pamir Highway.



Click Here to Play

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