Hi I’m Jess. I’m English, 26 years old and live with my partner Jerome in Sydney, Australia. I am a qualified Blacksmith and Fabricator by trade, but this has become more of a hobby these days. I  currently work full time as an Office Manager in Northern Sydney. One day (after we finish this epic trip) I will set up my own forge and spend my days designing and forging pieces for our home and anyone willing to pay me!

Our travel plans for 2014 on wards   are pretty epic and exciting, but all of the planning in advance has been a real experience so far too. Jerome is teaching me basic mechanics and we work together on the Troopy at the weekends. I absolutely love working with my hands and my trade has been a big help from teaching Jerome how to mig weld, to being able to identify and use most workshop tools.

Jerome is most definitely in charge of anything vehicle related. I will be designing the interior but I can’t fabricate it up due to working long hours to earn some dollar for the trip! So instead we will commission a company to bring my ideas to life. Back in the UK I managed an office for a removals company so I will also be in charge of shipping arrangements and visa research.

I emigrated over to Oz from the UK in April 2012 and whilst we are planning our adventures I am waiting to find out whether my recently lodged residency visa will be approved. Fingers crossed it goes through before we leave Australia; as that could prove difficult further down the line. So life is full on…… but I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Jess beachJ&J UluruJess beach drive
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  1. chris

    easy jess,get the blugger to tie the knot.luck to you both

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