End of the Pamirs – Dushanbe to Tashkent

Market shopping - heaps cheap

Market shopping – heaps cheap

Dushanbe was not going to be a place of exploration for us. We had booked an apartment for two days and the plan was to re-stock, get sorted and move on to Uzbekistan. It turns out that we ended up staying for just under a week. Continue reading

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The Pamirs – Khorog to Dushanbe

The second highest Botanical Gardens in the world

The second highest Botanical Gardens in the world

We arrived in Khorog at lunch time – hungry, dusty and ready for a bit of a break from the crazy roads.
Khorog is the capital of the Gorno-Badakhhan (GBAO) area and sits right on the Tajik/Afghan borderline. It is large and well stocked in comparison to the numerous tiny villages that we had driven through to get there.
We all parked up on the Northern side of the river at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens – interestingly the worlds second highest. We took a lazy walk through the gardens – such a massive contrast to what we had just been doing an hour before.
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Tajikistan – The Pamirs

Entering Tajikistan was a strange experience. First off was the border post leaving Kyrgyzstan followed by about 30 km of no mans land and a pass of 4320m before the Tajikistan border post. We had been told that the road here was notoriously bad because neither of the countries want to be responsible for the maintenance, on top of that we were headed for the highest pass yet on our trip. This sounded like it was going to be interesting. The slope was pretty gradual and road not so bad up until the last climb where The road switched back on its self about four times and there was evidence of recent land slides. Some of us were beginning to notice the effects altitude has on the performance of our rides not to mention breathing. Just to make things more eventful, As we reached the top of the pass it began to snow. A few kilometers on and we were at the Tajik border post.

The pass before the Tajik border

The pass before the Tajik border

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