Vehicle prep

Final vehicle prep and shipping!


So the time has finally come! We have been so busy in the past few weeks that we haven’t had a chance to post as we go.

When we got back from Nepal and Malaysia on 24th Feb it gave us until 19th March to finish the Troopy and get it fully packed for shipment to the UK.

We had a few large-ish jobs to be done, namely replacing the motor on the winch, fixing a persisting yet slight transmission

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Turbo Management

The troopy was already fitted with a DTS aftermarket turbo system when we bought it. To begin with we were not sure if we wanted the added complication of an aftermarket turbocharger. However after driving the troopy even with the turbo fitted I can’t see how you’d get around with out it. Slow would be an understatement. The 1HZ motor was never meant to be a powerhouse but with the auto gearbox and constant all wheel drive combined with all the weight we were going to be carrying it would seem to be seriously underpowered.

HPD Top Mount Intercooler

HPD Top Mount Intercooler

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Rear door storage solution

photo 2 So I removed the old wood paneling from the two rear doors of the Troopy and found that there was heaps of space in the door cavities for storage. The right hand door will be perfect to keep all of our cutlery, plates and bowls in, and the left hand smaller door could be good for Continue reading

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The awning and roof cage


So last year Jerome and I drove 15,000km around Australia and camped in our awesome RV4 Oztent – my favorite tent ever! Anyway we just bought the Foxwing Awning to mount to the side of the Troopy. The Foxwing is a collaboration between Oztent Australia and Rhino Rack and is compatible with our RV4 – so we can zip our tent onto the awning. We have also fitted a full length alloy roof

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Bedding in

IMG_2774Whilst Jerome is working on the Troopy electrics I have been sorting out the bed. Considering that Jerome has severe back difficulties and that I have scoliosis we thought that it would be best to go for quality over price when choosing what we will be sleeping on for the best part of a year. Continue reading

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