OK, about me. Well I’m Aussie, born and bred, 30 years old most of which I have spent in Sydney. I’m a qualified mechanic was in the trade for about 10 years. Currently I’m studding Mechanical Engineering which ain’t easy, but I enjoy a challenge. In 2009 I had an accident, I fell off a cliff and broke my back leaving me paraplegic with no use of my lower limbs. A few months before I had my accident I had just returned from a 3 month tour of SE Asia on dirt bikes. When I say tour, I mean a mate and myself, two bikes and a map. I was never one for tour guides, cruises etc. I like to experience a country as it is, not just the tourist hot spots and a bus and hotels in between. The more isolated or removed I feel from every day life the more this defines an adventure for me. Fast forward a few months, I’m Lying in a hospital bed and being told it was highly unlikely that I would ever walk again. Thinking of the long road ahead and all the hurdles and struggles that lay before me I vowed to myself that I would not let my condition slow me down. As it turned out, if anything, my accident spurred on my thirst for adventure and travel. As a kid I was lucky to have parents who were quite adventurous so with our trusty 4×4 we did a lot of touring and camping around Australia. I guess this is what has defined my adventurous spirit as I can always remember being out and about from an early age. I always looked forward to packing the 4×4 and the unknown road ahead. So after 6 months in hospital and rehab I decided it was time to challenge myself so I dropped myself in the deep end, three of my mates and I decided to go camping on Fraser island, the worlds largest sand island. Sand’s a bitch in a wheelchair to say the least! Firstly I had to buy a new 4×4 as my old one was manual which I can no longer drive, then we had to figure all the other difficulties that we would come across with the wheel chair and nut them out. It turned out to be a complete success and loads of fun. Sitting on the beach of an isolated tropical island, when less than a month prior to that I was hosptalised full time, I had to pinch myself it was almost that unbelievable.

From then on there was no turning back, with my trusty Patrol, various friends and more recently my lovely partner Jess, we made tracks all over this vast land of ours, covering all extremities (bar the western most point) of oz including the red center. In 2010 exactly a year after my accident, to the day, my younger brother, Seb, a good mate, Lock and I took off for the UK. I thought it was time to expand my horizons again and hit the road, away from all my support networks, in a different country. We had an ambitious plan to begin with but ended up totally out doing our expectations. The three of us chucked in for a old Turbo Diesel BMW station wagon and hit the road, spanning 30,000km through 30 countries and 3 continents, from the sands of the Sahara to the endless days of the arctic circle. It was an unreal adventure with some unique challenges that we had to overcome though out the trip.

Well as you have probably guessed by now, this did not satisfy my need for adventure and it wasn’t long before I started getting itchy feet, as the saying goes (I can’t tell if they are itchy but I’M guessing so.) So Jess and I have hatched this crazy idea to rough it across the path less traveled and see the world the not so easy but much more interesting way.



6 thoughts on “Jerome

  1. ___123___Jerome | Lost Abound___123___

  2. alan

    Hi guys
    Great to meet you in Fethiye this evening, enjoy your dive tomorrow and the rest of your travels through Turkey

  3. chris

    love it,love it,love it.still no good at basket ball

  4. Alexandra

    Have an amazing trip Jerome and Jess! I’m so proud of you both and incredibly jealous of the wonderful adventures you will have. Never stop being you xx

  5. Seb

    Mate, I love your blog and your story. You are a true inspiration. Well done, and enjoy your travels. Cheers, Seb

  6. I joined/registered here only so I could like your blogs. Interesting stuff! 🙂

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