The Cause

Hi guys, on 23rd October 2013 we received official endorsement from the renowned charity Spinal Cord Injuries Australia to help raise money for them whilst doing our trip around the world. We are doing it for a cause!


About SCIA:

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia started out 40 years ago. Very briefly – their mission is to provide support and rehabilitation services to people with Spinal cord injuries, with the aim to promote a society without boundaries. A spinal cord injury can be anything from slight loss of limb function arising from an accident or health complication – to complete paraplegia and quadriplegia (Full loss of feeling and movement below the neck and chest). The spinal cord cannot heal itself, meaning that most people have to adjust their lives to cope with their injury on a permanent basis. SCIA are there to assist people to improve the quality of their lives and to help them get the most out of life. You can check their website out at :


Spinal cord injury is an issue that is very close to our hearts – Jeromes’ in particular. In April 2009 Jerome was on his way home from work on his motorbike when he ran out of fuel, forcing him to pullover on a dangerous stretch of a busy freeway Just North o Sydney. To avoid oncoming traffic Jerome stepped over the guard rail to get some distance. Unfortunately in doing this he lost his footing, the bush concealed a sheer drop and he fell 20m. He suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury at level T11 leaving him paraplegic (In his case losing the use of his legs with little sensation below the waist). He spent the best part of a year in hospital and rehab. (For more about Jerome you can check his page out

Jerome was 26 years old at the time, and just over 4 years later this trip will be his third and by far the most challenging travel adventure to date. It makes perfect sense to work together with SCIA not only to raise money, but to raise awareness. Jeromes’ attitude to life is inspirational – he shows not just SCI sufferers but everyone just what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Please show your support for our cause. Follow our blog and if you have any spare cash you can donate to SCIA thorough our Everyday Hero 

SCIA Logo Final Dec11

Click to donate

Thanks for reading!


Got the certificate!


3 thoughts on “The Cause

  1. Holly Nichols

    Yes the one that you used as a back drop. 🙂 Thank you so much!!! That’s very sweet of you.
    Loved looking through you website after finding this photo. You are amazing people 🙂

  2. Holly Nichols

    Hi there, I was looking through google for pictures of maps and came across your map and wondered if I could use those photo for my wedding invitation.
    It is asking for copywrite and so I thought it would be best to check

    • That’s sweet which map? The one we use as a backdrop? Either way doesn’t bother us….. Congrats have a lovely wedding

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