The Route

OK so the route has changed drastically since our initial plan was hatched. Originally we were shipping the Troopy to Chennai, India. We were going to drive it North to Nepal for Jeromes’ brothers’ wedding before cutting back through India and on to Pakistan. We would then need to cross the border into China to avoid Afghanistan, and then on to Tajikistan, the rest of the ‘Stans’, Europe, Africa……

Unfortunately being a British Citizen (awaiting residency in Australia) I have to apply in person from my home country for a Pakistani Visa; meaning I would have to fly back to the UK to get it. On top of that, we felt that starting off our trip from India may be too challenging as we would need to gather resources etc upon arrival. If for some reason we were refused entry into Nepal or Pakistan our trip would be ruined. We also had no particular desire to spend much time in China or Pakistan. In order to simply pass through China we have to hire a tour guide and jump through various hoops which may cost us up to $4,000! Parts of Pakistan would also require armed guards.
So we revised the route to start from the UK. We can ship the Troopy there and gather things easily. We then have a chance to iron out any potential problems whilst travelling through Europe so by the time we hit Russia and Central Asia we should be in the swing of things. There may be some tweaks to the route through Africa depending on how we go with getting into, and through some countries such as Israel and Sudan. For example, if you attempt to enter Sudan with an Israeli stamp in your passport you will most likely be refused entry. So the next task for the route is to start gathering Visa information and keep an eye on the political situations happening in the more volatile countries.
Here is a list of countries we will be travelling in order –
Australia – England – France – Belgium – Holland – Germany – Poland – Ukraine – Russia – Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan – Tajikistan – Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan – Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey – Greece –  Albania – Montenegro – Croatia – Slovenia – Austria – Switzerland – Italy – Israel – Jordan – Egypt – Sudan – Ethiopia – Kenya – Tanzania – Mozambique – Zambia – Zimbabwe – Namibia – South Africa – Australia

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  1. Tour stop ? no news??

  2. chris

    say g,day to borat please

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